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The best way to start your morning? A glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. No preservatives, nothing processed, just a handful of oranges squeezed in UNDER A MINUTE with @hamiltonbeach Hamilton Beach Commercial’s Freshmark Juicers.

Used here is the Manual Citrus juicer which fills a glass of juice in under a minute. @hamiltonbeach ‘s Commercial line also offers an Electric Citrus juicer which fills a glass of juice in less than 30 seconds! Crazy!
If you’re going for a bit more of a cleanse or are looking to add something extra healthy to your smoothie or juice, Hamilton Beach Commercial offers a Wheatgrass juicer which extracts up to 5 ounces per minute.
Even fancier (buckle your seatbelts for this one), @hamiltonbeach offers ‘otto The Juice Extractor’ which extracts 2 whole QUARTS (2L) a minute. You heard me right on that one.
When you’re all done juicing, put it in your favorite glass and don it with one of @tablecraft_fs paper straws. These straws come in four different sizes (3mm up to 8mm) and come in eight different colors and patterns! They also have the option to be wrapped (if you’re a restaurant or hotel) or unwrapped (if you’re using them in your home). What is great about these is they have all the fun and color of a regular straw, but are so much better for the environment! And with such a pretty planet, why not be able to do some good and enjoy deliciously fresh orange juice from a pretty straw.
@hamiltonbeach you have outdone yourself! Fun fact: they first introduced the juicer in 1932. This product has been bringing love and food to people for almost one hundred years. Food is love! Show your loved ones some extra care during this uncertain time and give them a hug, or some fresh juice.


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